We care about your well-being

As part of your Total Rewards package, Reynolds provides a wide range of resources to help you take care of you and your loved ones.

Employee Assistance Program + Work/Life Services

Now more than ever, it is especially important to take care of your mental and emotional health. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP), provided by Health Advocate, is here to make sure you are supported in this area of total well-being. You and your family members can get confidential help with personal, family and work issues.

The EAP provides eight free counseling sessions per issue each calendar year.

Get support with:

  • Stress
  • Parenting/family issues
  • Alcohol, drugs and other substance misuse or abuse
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Anger management
  • Marital or relationship problems
  • Grief or bereavement


In addition to access to a Licensed Professional Counselor, your Health Advocate EAP + Work/Life Services provide a wide range of resources to help your life run more smoothly. This saves you time so you can focus on all the other important things in your life.

Work/Life Services specialists and resources include:

  • Adult care services
  • Legal resource center
  • Care issues, including wills and health directives
  • Webinars on goal setting, stress, resilience and mindfulness


24/7 Support

To download the mobile app: Visit HealthAdvocate.com/RAI
Call: 855-424-6400

Health Advocate

Understanding your insurance, researching medical choices, and staying on top of your benefits can be a challenge. Health Advocate is available to help you and your family 24/7, and you don’t have to be enrolled in a RAI medical plan to use it.

A personal Health Advocate representative can help you with:

  • Confirming if a doctor is in the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) network.
  • Understanding the Explanation of Benefits you receive after seeing a health provider.
  • Searching for the most cost effective facility to have a medical procedure.
  • Questions about your coverage.

Connect with Health Advocate 24/7 online, at 855-424-6400, or via the app.

Virgin Pulse

With the Virgin Pulse platform, you can set, track and achieve success on your journey to a healthier you – no matter how big or small the goal. The platform provides daily motivations, wellness tips and the ability to participate in challenges with co-workers.

Other programs to note on Virgin Pulse are:

  • Journeys – a digital coaching tool with step-by-step information to help with stress, sleeping well, beating the blues, chronic condition management and more. You’ll find Journeys in the Program section of the platform.
  • Healthy Habits – find a habit, then track it daily to improve and earn points along the way. You can even challenge friends to join you in the new habit.

We offer employees a Virgin Pulse Max or Max Buzz fitness tracker at no charge when they register on the platform. The platform also syncs with many other popular fitness devices and wellness platforms such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin and MyFitnessPal.

You can earn up to $200 each year when you track your physical, mental, financial and social activities, including steps, exercise, sleep habits, diet, and much more on the Virgin Pulse platform.

Bright Horizons® Back-up Care and Enhanced Family Supports

Caregiver resources available nationwide for all regular full-time employees.

At Reynolds, we strive to provide resources that support your unique needs and help your family thrive. That’s why we’re providing access to the resources of Bright Horizons.

There are many ways that Bright Horizons can support you, including:

Back-Up Child Care: High-quality back-up care is just a click or call away. Bright Horizons will secure reliable care for you when and where you need it.

Back-Up Adult and Elder Care: When Mom gets injured, Dad’s recovering from surgery, or the regular caregiver calls out sick, arrange high-quality back-up care in their home.

Enhanced Family Supports: Do you need a night out of the house? Are you looking for an afterschool caregiver or someone to watch your pet while you’re away on vacation? You’ll have access to a comprehensive database, where you can find nannies, sitters, elder caregivers, pet sitters, housekeepers, and more.

Full-Time Child Care: As a Reynolds employee, you can jump ahead on the waitlist at select Bright Horizons centers, or enjoy exclusive discounts at participating partner centers that make child care more affordable.

Academic Support & Tutoring: Resources are available to help support at-home learning, broad online tutoring and academic enrichment programs and more! Get discounted tutoring resources for SATs/ACTs, standardized tests, Common Core subjects, and general help for your student.

Visit clients.brighthorizons.com/reynolds for complete benefit details.

Health Centers + Health Coaching

Our on-site health centers are powered by Marathon Health with a mission to inspire and help people to lead healthier lives. We want to help keep you well through preventive care, Health Coaching, condition management, and treatment when you’re sick. Available whether or not you are enrolled in a Reynolds health plan, the health centers are located at nearly every company location.

  • Virtual, telephonic and in-person visits
  • Health Coaching
  • Health and biometric screenings
  • Chronic condition coaching
  • Acute and sick visits
  • Laboratory services
  • Vaccines & allergy shots
  • Prescriptions
  • Limited on-site medications

Health center hours vary by location. Visit the employee portal for details.

Fitness Centers

Fully equipped, on-site Fitness Centers are available to all employees across most of our locations. You can exercise individually, participate in classes and complete challenges with your colleagues. The fitness trainers can provide fitness assessments, virtual coaching and personal training. You can also participate in team and individual programs each month, receive weekly and monthly motivation tips via email, and access daily live virtual classes from wherever you are via Microsoft Teams.

Virtual coaching and live virtual exercise classes are available to all employees regardless of your location. Email fitnessdt@rjrt.com to request more information about programs and classes.


Blue365 is a discount program offering from BlueCross BlueShield that includes hearing and vision products, fitness gear, healthy eating options and:

Global Fit

Through GlobalFit, you and your family can take advantage of gym membership discounts. Global Fit’s gym network offers discounted access to premier fitness, weight loss, and wellness brands, as well as a range of educational tools and resources to help you stay motivated.

Fitness Your Way

Also provided through Blue365, Fitness Your Way provides access to a network of 10,000+ gyms nationwide and discounts with 20,000 Health and Well-being specialists.

Flexible and remote working

We understand the importance of striking the right balance between work and personal life.

For full-time employees, Reynolds allows certain flexible working and remote working arrangements that don’t interfere with effective business operations.

And don’t forget, you can also find courses on well-being, mindfulness, dealing with stress and work/life balance in the Reynolds Learning Resources center. Visit Employee Central and click on the Training Catalogue tile to explore what’s available.

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